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Electronic Student Manifest System

Electronic Student Manifest System

In 2018, the Victorian Department of Education and Training introduced new student safety technology on contracted buses in the Students with Disabilities Transport Program (SDTP).

The CustomLinc system already in use and managing the transport arrangements for thousands of students a year.

CustomLinc Schools system employs full compliance with the Electronic Student Manifest requirements via a manifest system that will further improve safety for students accessing the program.

The system is hosted in Sydney, Australia and is used in a number of Tourism applications carrying millions of passengers a year.

Each component is specifically designed for the relevant users including Coach Operators (and Administrators), Coach Drivers, Schools, Students and Parents.

Coach Operators System

Using the CustomLinc Express Platform, coach operators can configure multiple schools, multiple routes and multiple services.

School Portal

The CustomLinc Staff Portal provides full reporting metrics for bus loading, manifests, and payments statuses. 

Student Portal

The CustomLinc Schools Portal has been developed with the parent and student in mind, delivering an ease-of-use online system for bus runs and payments. The portal gives a safe and secure online environment for bookings, live maps, and a full student trip history. 

Drivers Tablet App

Hardware Required

All hardware required for the installation and operation of the system is commercially available off the shelf.


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