We know high volume ticketing operations require fast and reliable presentation of tickets. We manage this through a simple interface for frontline staff and the ability for management to configure complex rules for up-selling, cross-selling, adding packages, and more.

Frontline staff can use both standard PC's or touch screens with integrated EFTPOS. With up to date and accurate information at your fingertips, you will eliminate queues and enhance the customer experience.

There are many configuration options available as well as the ability to add online sales and Kiosk vending to increase throughput even further.

Access Control

Access control validates tickets ensuring that customers are maximizing their ticket entitlements without exploiting it. Tying in with the ticketing, options include single-use, multi-use, time-based or annual passes.

Ticket validation options include various forms of barcode scanning with lots of options for hardware to suit the conditions. Gate options vary depending on use - outside, inside, volume throughput, required customer actions, and type of gate required.


With accommodation functionality setup you can add value by packaging your attraction with third-party suppliers or your own accommodation. You can include a variety of optional excursions during an overnight tour to further enhance your offering. If you operate your own accommodation, CustomLinc allows for room resources to be managed, ensuring you can track the availability and check-in/out dates.

With one view over your customer including their accommodation, you are able to provide a first-rate customer experience. Most systems require another separate system to handle these types of add-ons. We have it out of the box.

Seating Plans

Deck Plans


Using touchscreens with colour-coded categories staff can quickly process sales of multiple food and beverage items. Customer payment options including adding to a tab or using integrated EFTPOS. The ease of using the system makes staff more engaging with customers, and the advanced configuration possible means that up-selling is seamless in the sales process.

Behind the easy to use sales screen is a comprehensive stock control system, tracking current stock on hand, reorder points and transaction history. You can also do recipes if required with full reporting on costs and revenue. For advanced accounting requirements, there are options for revenue splitting and the inventory can be controlled either by CustomLinc or by your own inventory systems.


To ensure a seamless customer experience we have a fully functional retail merchandise system is included out of the box. It provides the ability to easily sell retail items with tickets in one transaction meaning faster throughput and happier customers. Because it's all one system tasks such as cash-ups, reconciliation and administration are much faster also.

Retail functionality includes tap-and-go payments, bar-coding and bar tabs, multi-site inventory, and purchase orders for third party suppliers (including parties such as instructors and photographers).


Ordinary reservation systems cannot deal with customers moving from one type of transport and/or activity to another. CustomLinc is unique in that it can allow a single booking to appear on multiple manifests over multiple days. With this functionality, you can automatically calculate pickup schedules and notify any third party venues that are associated with a booking.

Logistics is the 3rd tier other providers ignore and their customers end up paying for it. Without the automation, administration is heavy and mistakes are more common.

With automated logistics integrated directly into your core operational platform, you are set up to improve your business efficiency and have the capability to handle growth in a more sustainable way.


Combine site entry with additional tours easily, using pre-defined packages that are easy to advertise and book, or ad-hoc by building up products as the customer requests. Don't let your system be a restriction on how you up-sell or cross-sell products to maximise your revenue.

Accurate reporting across all components taken including peak periods of sale, periods of redemption/entry and detailed patronage reports from the platform are crucial to analysing and enhancing your business operations.



Book Functions within the CustomLinc platform.

Quotes, Tentatives, Confirmed, Cancellation Fees
Pricing based on rules of venues, duration, number of guests, but with the flexibility to build up individual quotes and offer discounts


Optimise your resources by allocating rooms and venues to schedules, allocate guides, and create rules to ensure that only guides with the correct experience and/or qualifications are allocated.

With features including a visual overview of resources allocated, frontline staff can drag-and-drop to quickly reallocate to ensure resource efficiency. Clash detection prevents double-booking providing users with a seamless process to book and modify customer requests.

Rostering works in line with other functionality to automate decisions and make the most from your resources.